Trainer Products

These products have been removed pending review. Please contact with any enquiries

The following products have specifically been designed for use by our Training Faculty.  Downloadable products can ordered through the cart. 
You will find the products in your My Account > Downloads after completing Checkout.

The TIPT Workbook pack contains a pencil and a spork. This most recent 2023 Workbook contains the Techniques: Maps, Timelines and Safety Cues and incorporates new advice on dealing with digital explore (audio, BWV, etc) and the foundations of how the brain processes difficult experiences and how to grow resilience.

The Presentation Pack includes the new presentation, which is shorter,  includes a Lesson Plan and has the film embedded within it. It also covers more about digital exposure (audio, BWV, etc). The animation is included in the Presentation Pack as a separate download. There is a link to both the animation and the film in the Joining Instructions.

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