The Wolf Was Not Sleeping


The Wolf was Not Sleeping is a heart-warming bedtime story specially written by Avril McDonald to soothe the anxiety of children whose parents work as first responders and to help initiate emotional wellbeing conversations.  This special UK police edition has been written and designed in collaboration with Police Care UK as part of our offer to support families of serving police personnel.

Wolfgang’s dad works as a helper: when the wolves sound the alarm, he has to leave to help the other creatures in the forest. Each night Wolfgang worries about what might happen if his dad gets the call. His worries are so bad that they keep him awake, and he is falling asleep in the daytime instead!

Spider leaves a note for Big Dad Wolf to show him how worried Wolfgang is. Big Dad Wolf realises he needs to sit down with Wolfgang to reassure him, and tell him about what happens when he goes to help in the forest. Wolfgang learns that things aren’t always as bad as they seem.

The Wolf Was Not Sleeping is a great bedtime read for young children whose parents work within UK policing.

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